Magic Wand Lands In Top 10 Of Most Influential Gadgets In Time Magazine

NAPA, Calif.—When Time Magazine compiled its list of “The 50 Most Influential Gadgets Of All Time,” the Magic Wand made it in as No. 10.

“We are humbled that the Magic Wand has been recognized in this way by Time Magazine,” said Shay Martin, vice president of Vibratex Inc., exclusive importer of the Magic Wand since 2000. “Consumers, therapists and reviewers have praised and recommended the Magic Wand for over thirty years; still it is an honor to see the ‘Cadillac of vibrators’ on this iconic one-time list by Time Magazine.”

The Magic Wand joined other life-changing devices such as the Apple iPhone, the Sony Walkman, the HP DeskJet and the Nintendo Entertainment System on the prestigious list.

Time Magazine has published its list of the most influential persons of the year (previously Man of the Year) annually since 1927, featuring most sitting presidents, world leaders like Winston Churchill, Mikhail Gorbachev and Angela Merkel and also people, groups, ideas or objects that have significantly influenced the events of the year. However, Tuesday’s list of the “tech that forever changed the way we live, work, and play” was a one-time feature.

In its motivation, Time Magazine notes that fans and therapists have “extolled the Wand’s virtues,” and that it appeared on Sex and the City in 2002. It also notes the Magic Wand’s enduring association in popular vernacular with the company that invented it, Hitachi.

The Magic Wand, previously the Hitachi Magic Wand, became widely known after sex educators like Betty Dodson, Joni Blank and Dell Williams recommended the massager to their clients, starting in the 1970s. Since then consumers have loved it for its power, quality and reliable satisfaction. In 2015, the Magic Wand Rechargeable, a cordless massager offering the freedom to enjoy the wand’s pleasures almost anywhere, anytime, joined the Magic Wand Original on store shelves.

Read the Time Magazine feature here.

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