Lavi Yedid, Jason Buhrmester Featured In Thrillist’s ‘14 Coolest Jobs’

LOS ANGELES—Those who work in the industry know they have some of the coolest jobs on the planet, but now Thrillist has highlighted two industry members as having some of the “14 Coolest Jobs In Los Angeles.”

Lavi Yedid, director of operations for NS Novelties, and Jason Buhrmester, editorial director for Playboy, are included in the round-up of the coolest of the cool jobs in the area, as is professional dominatrix Snow Mercy.

“To think that what we do is considered a ‘cool job’ puts a smile on my face,” Yedid told AVN. “It’s a job that allows me to use some of my passions: design, travel, creation. I am constantly grateful and amazed at the path life has presented me.”

In the article—which also highlights a comic book creator, video game tester and jewelry/leather goods designer and more—writer Michelle Spencer introduces readers to each of the subjects and their occupations before including paragraphs on what they do and how they got their jobs.

“I was an unemployed kid in Chicago with a degree in journalism when I applied for a copy editor position at Playboy that required 10 years of experience,” Buhrmester said of getting his foot in the door at the publication. “I wrote in my cover letter, ‘I can’t possibly do this job but I love Playboy and will start in the janitor’s closet if you’ll let me.’”

Mercy, who trained to be a professional dominatrix for more than two years, explained what she does for a living.

“In a nutshell: I'm a professional dominant role-player,” she said. “That is, a client or couple hires me to be in charge of a scene. The scene can be as simple as having an adult conversation, or it can get very elaborate with specialized costumes, props, music, and furniture. My most common scenes involve discipline where I may spank someone's bottom.”

As for Yedid, he talked of how he started in the industry, as well as his moves from New Beginnings to Doc Johnson to NS Novelties, which business he created with New Sensations/Digital Sin founder Scott Taylor.

“You could create the most beautiful toy in the world, but if it doesn't deliver sexual satisfaction, then it's fallen short,” he said in the piece. “Overall, I would estimate that in the past 12 years, I have designed more than 2,000 sex toys.”

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Pictured: Lavi Yedid of NS Novelties.