Keeping Toys Sexy While Keeping Them Sterile

The last thing anyone wants to do after a good sex toy session is clean up the aftermath. This seemingly arduous task, however, is important to the continued safety and life of all adult toys. If not maintained properly, sex toys can harbor bacteria and can even lose valuable longevity. The information provided below should help you provide healthy, helpful advice to your consumers to ensure they remain loyal customers.

One failsafe method for customers who share their insertable toys with a partner, or who switch toys between vaginal and anal use, is to suggest they use condoms. The condom then can be replaced with a fresh one before switching partners or before inserting in other orifices. Some companies, including Pipedream Products, recommend not sharing toys as the best method for avoiding possible contamination.

Beyond this recommendation, Pipedream also offers an antibacterial toy cleaner in the form of a spray as "an effective way to clean and maintain all types of adult toys," according to Pipedream Chief Operating Officer Nick Orlandino. "Our toy cleaner was developed and tested in our research facilities to provide maximum bacteria-killing power, without an offensive chemical smell or harm to skin."

In addition to the general cleanliness factor, keeping sex toys clean increases the longevity of the product. With the rapid advancement of high-tech toys in the adult novelty industry, many sex toys have become somewhat of an investment. Richie Harris, chief executive officer of Pjur USA, made a good point, stating, "There has been an influx of high-end brands... with manufacturer-suggested pricing well over $100." Therefore, it is important to make sure your customers know how to keep their investments clean.

An obvious method of cleaning one's sex toys is good, old-fashioned antibacterial soap and hot water. But that method is not exactly going to help increase sales at the end of the day. This is why many manufacturers offer convenient cleaning agents for sex-toy consumers.

Doc Johnson offers a toy cleaner in both spray and wipe forms. Chad Braverman, director of product development for Doc Johnson, shared his thoughts with ANB, stating, "It goes along with any other type of antibacterial cleaner. You don't necessarily need to use Purell; you can wash your hands with soap and water. It's the ease of function that makes people use Purell. The same is true for toys."

Considering the wide variety of sex-toy cleaning products on the market, we asked some adult retailers and distributors to shed some light on not only which products are selling well for them, but also which products they personally recommend.

Leslie Anderson, sales supervisor of adult novelty distributor Holiday Products, recommends Before & After, Pjur Med Clean, and Afterglow. "Basically, you want to use something safe for use on your body," she explained. "Most toy cleaners are based on detergent, so you need to rinse the toy after using the cleaner, which is really bad for your body."

In addition to killing viruses, bacteria, and fungus, Pjur Med Clean wipes are alcohol free, and something people can use on high-tech toys they don't feel comfortable washing in water. They also are completely safe to use on skin.

Tammy Borde, owner of Chocolate Walrus Boutique, reports that 90 percent of her customers buy Afterglow multi-packs, another product safe to use on skin. "We have lots of repeat business for Afterglow," she stated. "Because the product proves itself, and our customers are educated consumers."

Adult retail owner Ian Denchasy of Freddy and Eddy reports the three of the most popular toy cleaners in his brick-and-mortar store are Afterglow, Before & After, and 4play. "Afterglow is our most popular," he stated. "It's the easiest to use because it's a wipe that you can keep under your pillow and quickly clean things en route-so to speak. The others have to be applied and either wiped or washed off."

So, no matter which toy cleaner your customers choose, having a variety of options available will be the key to boosting sales. For more sex-toy care and maintenance information, visit's education section on sex toys.