Joysticks from JOYDIVISION Now Two-Toned

HANOVER, Germany—JOYDIVISION presents its new, trendy, two-colored Joysticks: Fury, Fire, and Flic Flac.

Thanks to the flat tip of the Fury, this vibe easily reaches all pleasure zones. It is available in several color combinations: black-pink, blue-white, and red-white.

The Fire features a smooth, curved shape and a fine tip, perfect for clitoral stimulation. It is available in red-yellow, black-white, and rose-violet.

The lively Flic Flac is available in green-white, pink-white and violet-white. Its ergonomic rounded head is perfectly designed to adapt to the natural curves of the female body and is a real erogenous zone seeker.

Joysticks are made from medical-grade silicone and are equipped with a chic and water-resistant dial control which gives quiet and adjustable vibration. With a wide range of attractive designs and trendy colours, there may very well be a Joystick for every lifestyle taste.

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