Japanese 'Tenga' Pleasure Device Enters U.S. Market

LAS VEGAS - Japan's top-selling male masturbation tool is poised to penetrate the U.S. market, courtesy of Vegas-based distributor Satistec.

Advertised as "the other woman," Tenga is a line of disposable products designed to simulate oral and vaginal intercourse. Each recyclable outer shell covers a biodegradable interior coated with a water-based silica gel that allows for one-time use.

"Its maturity is way ahead of its market presence here," said Robert G. Largen, a founding member of Satistec.

Tenga products are manufactured in antiseptic rooms in Japan using medical-grade materials. The Lip Service and Squeeze Play versions of the product are now available at Satistec.com and through select retail stores.

Satistec consultant Matthew Ball touted Tenga's convenience and discreet packaging as key selling points. The red, black and silver containers don't betray the purpose of the product inside, making the devices ideal for travel.

"If you set it on a night stand, it almost looks like an iPod speaker," Ball told AVN Novelty Business.

Tenga's pricing - about $13-15, depending on size - makes the product line affordable for routine use.

"Think about it: By the time you take a date out for a movie, and buy the drinks and popcorn, you are paying well over what you would for a Tenga," Ball said.

Satistec plans within the next year to introduce a reusable Tenga, which flips open for easy cleaning and drying and features strategically placed buttons to control the degree of squeezing and suction.

For more information on the Tenga, visit Satistec.com.