JOYDIVISION's Joyballs: Perfect for Beginners

HANOVER, Germany—JOYDIVISION’s version of the classic ben-wa balls, which are known as Joyballs, have been loved for years by customers. But now, solo units are available for beginners who are new to Kegel exercises.

Joyballs singles also are perfect for new mothers, who need to rebuild their PC muscles. The easy-to-clean and simple-to-use love toy provides intense vibrations. Joyballs train the vaginal muscles and pelvic floor in order to intensify pleasure for both partners.

Joyballs singles are available in metallic gold, pink, black, yellow, violet, and red.

Joyballs are made from medical-grade silicone, have been dermatologically and clinically tested, and bear the TÜV (German Safety Inspection Authority) seal that indicates they have been “tested for harmful substances.”

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