JOYDIVISION Running Promo on BODYkiss

HANNOVER, Germany—JOYDIVISION is offering a 10 percent discount to specialized dealers on all BODYkiss flavors.

BODYkiss is a pleasant-tasting, pleasant-smelling massage oil designed to enhance erotic massages. The oil makes skin smooth and slick to the touch, and allows for users to massage using their hands, mouths and more.

The edible BODYkiss oils include a variety of herbs and vitamin E as ingredients, meaning they will moisturize the skin once applied. Dermatologically and clinically tested, BODYkiss contains no coloring and no sugar.

BODYkiss is available in six different flavors: strawberry, wild cherry, coconut, peach, vanilla and orange.

BODYkiss is available from wholesalers, or directly from JOYDIVISION. For more information and for contact details, visit