JOYDIVISION Offering Deal with Femme Fatale Massage Set

HANNOVER, Germany—JOYDIVISION, a German company that manufactures adult pleasure items, is offering a deal throughout the month of November for the Femme Fatale massage set.

For any order of a Femme Fatale massage set in November, all specialized dealers receive a free Femme Fatale massage candle—“Chandelle de Massage” with vanilla fragrance.

The Femme Fatale massage set contains the following products: Femme Fatale Huile d’Or de Luxe (massage oil with real gold and vanilla); Femme Fatale Huile de la Pêche (edible massage oil peach); Femme Fatale Huile d’Orange (edible massage oil orange); and Femme Fatale Huile de la Chaleur (heating/edible massage oil cherry).

Femme Fatale is an exclusive product line that features high-quality ingredients, selected fragrances and stylish packaging. All articles of the Femme Fatale line have been dermatologically and clinically tested, guarantee a maximum of skin care and are Made in Germany.

Items on sale are obtainable from your wholesaler or directly from JOYDIVISION.

For more information on the product range, the November promotion or contact details, visit