Intimate Organics Gains Ground in Australia Via Sugar and Sas

ONTARIO, Canada–Boutique Distributor Sugar and Sas in Australia recently signed up with lubricant and gel manufacturer Intimate Organics for placement of the brand throughout Australia and New Zealand. Partners Rebecca Powley and Patrick Sheahan met with buyer Margaret Saunders at EroFame to discuss product placement and branding.

 “Sugar and Sas, Australia’s leading boutique distributor, is excited to have the complete range of Intimate Organics to offer to our clients," Saunders said. "Sugar and Sas maintains a philosophy which is based on providing best of brand products focused on quality as well as health and hygiene, which complements Intimate Organics product and strategies. Intimate Organics is made with Certified Organic Extracts and stands out as a quality range. Both companies agree that all boxes are ticked when it comes to quality product supported by quality distribution. I had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca and Patrick at eroFame 2012 and look forward to working with them.”

Powley added, “We have heard such wonderful things about Sugar and Sas, in terms of the company being a boutique distributor for Australia and New Zealand. We know they only represent exciting and high quality products, therefore they do not have thousands of SKUs. It’s great to know how much they care about spending quality time with their customers to really represent the different brands they have chosen to carry."

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