IVD/ECN Staff, Vendors Raise Money for Breast Cancer Research

HIGHTSTOWN, N.J.East Coast News and IVD executives have achieved something remarkable: They took a handful of adult industry professionals, put them together in a bowling alley, and managed to raise more than $10,000 for breast cancer research. 

What began as some friendly wagering has now spurred an outpouring of generous donations from the industry, both from companies and individuals. The contributions continue to roll in, and IVD/ECN organizers are thrilled with the response.

“Words can’t express how touched I am by the generosity we’re seeing,” said IVD’s Frank Kay. “This is a cause that is very important to me, and I’m blown away by the response. The people in this industry are so caring and so willing to join our efforts, and I can’t thank them enough—it brings a tear to my eye.”

As word of the fundraising efforts spreads, new contributors are expressing interest in donating. Serving as a central collection point, the distributor asks interested donators to contact them directly at (800) 999-2483, ext. 1240.