Fuck Eva Angelina! (Or at Least Her Fleshlight)

AUSTIN, Texas—Fleshlight and Skinworxxx Pictures are proud to announce the very latest Fleshlight Girl, Eva Angelina.

The award-winning star of Deviance, Upload and Se7en Deadly Sins is reporting for active duty, partnering with Fleshlight to show her gratitude to everyone who has ever worn a uniform.

"Nothing gets me hotter than the servicemen and women who keep my precious pussy safe at night,” she said. “Thanks to all of you out there, the bravest, toughest and hardest amongst us."

The Eva Angelina masturbation sleeve comes in a realistic flesh-tone color with the popular Lotus texture, which is designed to provide the most realistic vaginal intercourse sensation. A pearlescent case is included.

The item retails for $79.95.

For more information, visit Fleshlight.com.