Femme Fatale Adds Passion to the Senses

HANNOVER, Germany - Manufacturer JOYDIVISION is expanding its Femme Fatale line with two new luxurious products: The Chandelle de Massage candle and Huile de la Chaleur massage.


Chandelle de Massage is a candle that melts into massage oil that can be used for sensual body massage once the flame has been extinguished. The oil is high-quality, neutrally scented coconut oil and aloe vera, and lightly scented by vanilla. The product is in a 125 milliliter silver-eqsue, resealable jar that reflects its inherent luxury


Another highlight of the line is the Huile de la Chaleur warming massage oil. Selected active ingredients and a cherry scent create a warming sensation on the skin. The feeling is intensified with gentle breaths.


Like all products in the Femme Fatale line, Huile de la Chaleur has been dermatologically and clinically tested. Huile de la Chaleur massage oil comes in a stylish 100 milliliter glass bottle.