Entrenue Picks Up Toyfriend Line for Distro

STOCKHOLM, Sweden—The AVN Show last August marked the world premiere for Toyfriend, a new brand created by Tickler. Now, Toyfriend has partnered up with Entrenue as the first distributor of the Toyfriend Brand.

“We’ve always had a great relation with Entrenue and are very excited about working together with Toyfriend. And the timing is perfect. In Las Vegas, Entrenue will give lots of more people the opportunity to see and feel and get to know the Toyfriends,” said Eric Kalen, one of the founders of Tickler/Toyfriend, as well the product designer behind the range.

“From the start our goal has been to create a great choice of vibrators by offering a wide range of products of different sizes, colors, shapes and functions with a very individualistic and personal touch as a new approach for selling and presenting sex toys. Entrenue will show our present range as well as some of the coming new stuff, and we know that Entrenue will make sure that Toyfriend and our highly personal approach to product design as well as communication will be presented in its full glory!” Kalen added.

The Toyfriend range consists of individual products grouped in families differing in size, prize, function and color to create a wide range of choice for every customer as well as a new marketing concept and material.

“This is very exciting,” Entrenue officials said in a release. “We really look forward to showing Eric’s new creations and the Toyfriend brand. The reactions we saw in Miami makes us feel great to be able to show it as a part of the Entrenue range.”

For more information, visit Toyfriend.us or Entrenue.com.