Entrenue Brings Masque Sexual Flavor Strips to Adult Retailers Nationwide

PHOENIXEntrenue has brought the innovative collection of Masque oral intimacy enhancement strips to the adult market, offering U.S. retailers a unique sexual accessory for couples looking for a flavorful way to connect.

Masque is a set of flavor “strips” designed to dissolve on the tongue and, using a patented flavor blocking technology, dramatically alter the taste of a partner’s bodily fluids in personal areas. In addition to being fun, the welcome result is a heightened comfort level and open mind, both of which can facilitate stronger connectivity between couples. 

“Masque blocks the salts, bitters and proteins of semen and body fluids for approximately 15 minutes,” Entrenue Brand and Marketing Director Lisa Mazurek said. “Rather than overpowering the tongue as do some mainstream breath strips, Masque adds a light flavoring to make them playful while its unique formulation works to block any undesirable tastes.”

Masque’s U.S.-made formula also is ideal for users whose medications, diets, or smoking habits affect the taste of their body fluids. But what appeals most to the Entrenue team is Masque President and COO Michael Guilfoyle’s genuine motivation to help people in business and create a groundbreaking sexual accessory.

“Masque puts people in a more relaxed state of mind by giving men and women more control over the oral experience,” Mazurek said. “The goal of the company is to help people to enjoy oral play more often, eliminating the fear of what ‘might’ happen during the act and instead letting couples focus on their connection. Masque is a playful product, a great compliment to flavored lubes and any other oral play products.”

Available in Strawberry, Watermelon, Mango and Chocolate flavors, Masque also offers a light mint backer that can provide a slight tingling sensation for some users.

Masque is packaged in a clean, romantic design that appeals to both men and women but is simple and conservative enough to be discreet, compact and easy to travel with. Mixed flavor bowls are available in 50- or 150-count containers, or Masque can be purchased in three-strip packages of the same flavor.

Sample packs, posters, signage, T-shirts and other branded materials are available to retailers looking for further merchandising tools, and the Masque team is currently creating custom point-of-purchase stands that will hold a variety of three-packs.

For more information or to order Masque today, please call (800) 368-7268, email [email protected] or visit Entrenue.com.

For product details, visit YourMasque.com.