Entrenue Accepting Pre-Orders for New LELO Items

PHOENIX—Distribution company Entrenue has announced it is currently accepting pre-orders and will ship next week several new sensual items from LELO.

LELO has released four new styles of pleasure accessories, all made with high-quality silk and suede in rich shades of red, purple and black. Each of the items is presented in a gift box with elegant designs on the cover.

Intima Silk Blindfolds help couples explore the pleasure a little mystery can bring to the bedroom. LELO’s signature jacquard pattern is featured on one side, while the other is solid.

The Boa Pleasure Ties are distinguished from other ties by the pouches of pearls at one end that balance stylish metal rings located at the other end. By looping the ties through the rings, a partner can be held by either the ankles or wrists. The pouch of pearls serves a dual purpose: When the ties are draped over a door that is then closed, they are large enough to stop the ties from bring pulled through the doorway.

The Sutra Chainlink Cuffs are made from high-quality silk and suede and allow couples to write their own rules when exploring fantasy. The material is soft against skin, while the silk ribbon and metal chains are just long enough to balance the feelings of freedom and restraint.

The Etherea Silk Cuffs offer greater flexibility to adventurous couples—whether worn around ankles or wrists, the silk ribbon can be tied as tight or loose as desired.

For more information, or to place an order, email [email protected] or visit Entrenue.com.