Eco-Friendly Pleasure Products Getting More Attention

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Every year, as Earth Day (April 22) approaches, AVN’s inboxes get flooded with emails about eco-friendly pleasure products. Stories about sex toys that are better for Mother Earth are highlighted in blog posts, magazine articles and more. And every year, the list of said products continues to grow as manufacturers become more intent on reducing their footprint.

This year is no different, as we are hearing from lubricant companies and sex toy makers about their benefits and consciousness of the earth, so we thought we would round up a few of the ones we’ve come across.


  1. Sliquid Organics Silk Lube: Sliquid took their hybrid formula and replaced all their synthetic ingredients with natural ones, including organic botanicals. Half water-based and half-silicone, this hybrid lube has a naturally silk and creamy texture that’s not only long-lasting but perfect for people with sensitivities since it’s also glycerin- and paraben-free.
  2. Good Clean Love Lubricant: In laboratory testing, Good Clean Love¹s lubricant was found to support and heal sensitive tissue. Good Clean Love has an organic aloe base, no parabens or glycerin, and is vegan.
  3. Jimmyjane Form 3: Jimmyjane unique vibrator helps save the environment by keeping batteries out of landfills with this rechargeable model. And the unique design doesn’t hurt either.
  4. PHS International’s Fresh! Collection: The Fresh! Collection is the industry’s first fully vegan line featuring super-soft polyethylene restraints and BDSM accessories with comfortable padding, sturdy buckles and a matching line of body-safe sex toys free of casein and other animal-related materials. PHS’s polyethylene leather alternative is affordable and easy to care for while providing shoppers with a variety of bright, fun and flirty color combinations to make an environmentally friendly fashion statement.
  5. Icicles No. 32: Avoid batteries altogether with a glass toy. Couples can experience romance year-round with this glass dildo that has graduated sections topped with a heart-shaped handle. The hypoallergenic glass is nonporous and body safe, and can last a lifetime if cared for properly. The dildo can be heated in the microwave or in warm water or cooled in the freezer for temperature play.
  6. Pure Wand: njoy’s metal masterpiece is another toy that is completely safe for users and the environment. Wanna bring a gleam to their eyes? If so, then this is the toy you’ve been looking for. Crafted from njoy’s hallmark medical-grade stainless steel, the brilliant Pure Wand is one solid piece of lustrous G-and/or P-spot nirvana. The wand measures a full 10 inches along its precision curve and nearly 8 inches from tip to tip.
  7. Allure: This eye-pleasing pleasure object from NobEssence does double duty with its ingenious dual-end design. The rounded, bulbous end is perfectly angled for G- and P-spot stimulation, and the three smooth “beads” on the tapered shaft will do the trick for both anal and vaginal play. The craftsmanship of Allure and the entire NobEssence line is impeccable, boasting fanciful, functional designs with a proprietary non-porous coating for healthy play. Wood is a uniquely warm and appealing material, and no one makes better use of its potential than NobEssence. Keep this and the entire NobEssence line in stock for your health-conscious customers looking for an innovative and natural alternative.
  8. Swipes Lovin’ Wipes: Swipes is committed to reducing its carbon footprint; therefore the company uses natural, planet-friendly ingredients in its manufacturing process. Designed for use before or after intimate encounters, ingredients in its manufacturing process. Designed for use before or after intimate encounters, Swipes Lovin’ Wipes are flushable, dispersible, biodegradable and compostable. They are also alcohol- and chlorine-free, and sewer and septic safe.
  9. Smartballs: Fun Factory continues to make great strides in design and functionality with their smart line of erotic toys that please the eye as much as they do the body. Smartballs are a set of “geisha balls” that consist of two linked elliptical pods that quietly vibrate at varying levels of intensity in response to the body’s movement. Fashioned from "Elastomer"––Fun Factory's brand of skin safe, odorless, durable and easy to clean material––Smartballs also feature an hygienically-safe withdrawal loop for safe and easy retrieval. The outstanding packaging includes user instructions, which we wish more companies would do as well. Available in a variety of color combinations.
  10. Glyde Condoms: Glyde’s vegan latex condoms were the first in the world to be awarded the cruelty-free certification from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The condoms are manufactured in Malaysia by workers who are paid a living wage and are made without the commonly used dairy derivative casein. The cruelty-free certification from PETA is coupled with a high-profile award for the 100 percent animal product-free items from the U.K.-based Vegan Society.
  11. Bamboo Collection: Male Power has gone eco-friendly with its wild new Bamboo Collection. Bamboo fabric is a natural textile hewn from the pulp of bamboo grass. Its growing popularity stems from the fabric’s many unique qualities. Resembling cotton, bamboo fiber is very soft and can be worn directly on the skin. It is light and strong, has excellent wicking properties, and is highly sustainable. It also contains significant antibacterial qualities that fight germs and odors, and are retained through multiple washings.
  12. Vitality by Leaf: Vitality by Leaf, part of an eco-friendly line developed by BMS Factory, will sprout passion within you. Each naturally curved leaf contains powerful separately controlled vibrations. Relax and allow the intensity of each budding tip to grow to a level that is perfect for you. The Vitality features an unbelievably smooth and soft shell that allows for full exploration of your body using any part of the beautifully curved exterior. With its eco-friendly lithium ion rechargeable battery and natural canvas tote you can have full confidence that you are truly sustaining your passion.
  13. Dona By JO Bath Milk: Dona bath milk is created with natural and naturally derived ingredients, obtained from renewable resources and is ecofriendly. As well as infused with one of six aphrodisiacs. Sustain your pleasure with Dona milk bath contains no mineral oil, petrolatum, lanolin, and other petroleum derivatives; nor parabens, sulfates, harsh chemicals, or preservatives. Made in the USA.
  14. Glow Oil: A multi-purpose, best-selling skin oil that almost replaces lotion. Earthly Body has taken the best skincare oils available—hemp seed, coconut, soy, apricot, avocado, jojoba and vitamin E—and combined them into a complete skincare spray. Use as a lightweight massage oil, bath additive, or everyday after-bath and shower moisturizer.
  15. Basix Slim 7: Part of the wildly popular Basix Rubber Works line from Pipedream Products, the Slim 7 is available in a variety of colors, and features a realistic veiny texture the entire length of the shaft, as well as a suction cup base to allow for solo play. The piece is crafted from American-made rubber that is phthalate- and latex-free and environmentally safe.
  16. Defense Lubricant: Get the extra silkiness and moisture you need with gentle, natural Defense lubricant. This sea kelp and guava bark lube comes to you from the Intimate Organics line of body products that are made with natural, certified organic ingredients that contain no harmful parabens, glycerine or DEA. Defense is 100 percent naturally derived, and blended with natural plant extracts that were specially selected to not disrupt the healthy micro flora in the vagina, while blending perfectly with natural moisture.
  17. Mood Naughty: The Mood Naughty Classic butt plugs by Doc Johnson are great plugs for the anal explorer of any experience level. These plugs use a classic butt plug shape; with a gradual increase in girth, narrow neck, and an ergonomic base shape that fits easily against the body, these toys are comfortable for short or long term wear. The base of the toy is also a fantastic shape for fitting between butt cheeks or giving a little perineum massage. Plus, the narrow necks allow the plug to stay inside the body securely leaving hands and genitals free to multitask! The silicone used in the Naughty plugs is medium consistency, firm but flexible, and easy to sterilize and care for.
  18. Verspanken: Big Teaze Toys’ VërSpanken is a new kind of home entertainment system for men. VërSpanken is the first male toy that lets the user customize their experience every time they use it. Variable pressure, textures, temperature and techniques with an easy clean up, makes VërSpanken a revolutionary product within the adult male toy market. The Verspanken is latex-free, made of 100 percent recyclable materials, and phthalate-free and body-safe.
  19. Tomboi Harness: Spareparts describes their Tomboi harness as "...a bold attitude and athletic cut, Tomboi™ harness briefs from SpareParts deliver a smooth shot of sex appeal and get right to the chase: let’s do this."
    The Tomboi Harness by SpareParts is designed like brief underwear and is as comfortable as your own pair of skivvies too.
  20. Tempo: Aneros’ Tempo features the same superior design of the Aneros Peridise re-imagined in stainless steel polished to a smooth mirror-like finish. Developed through extensive medical research, the Tempo is ideal for use by both beginners and those more experienced with anal play. Simply insert the bulbous head and contract the muscles to draw the Tempo in.  The natural tense-and-release rhythms of the body cause it to gently quiver, creating intense sensation. Solid steel construction allows the Tempo to warmed or cooled for an added element of temperature play, and easily cleaned after use.
  21. Non-adjustable Tapered Tip Nipple Clamp With Chain: The Non-Adjustable Tapered Tip Nipple Clamp from Spartacus is a piece of inexpensive but effective equipment for those of you who like to test your or your play partners' endurance. The narrow tips concentrate intensity between the rubber tips for an incredible sensation that is still skin friendly. These spring-loaded clamps couldn't be easier to use—no adjustment, just light continuous pressure.
  22. Sex in the Shower Foot Rest and Handles: Sex in the shower has been a challenge for many, and the safety issues are sometimes too much to overcome. Thanks to the Sex in the Shower Line from Sportsheets, and items like the Single Locking Suction Foot Rest, the Single Locking Suction Handle, and the Dual Locking Suction Handle, couples can throw caution to the wind. Or water. Whatever.
  23. Blossom Organics Warm Sensation Moisturizing Lubricant: Blossom Organics natural water-based lubricant is non-staining, non-toxic, glycerin & paraben free. The Warm Sensation features some peppermint extract to create a warming feel.
  24. Fascinator Throe Waterproof Blanket: These supremely plush throes from Liberator are specially lined to slurp up love juices, lubes, lotions and all the leftovers of sexual play. And they are machine washable.
  25. Pink Bent Graduate: A nice, versatile piece of Pyrex from Don Wands/Glow Industries that has more useful homes than just in the kitchen. And, this sweet, pink, G-spot-angled glass dildo is no exception. Sure, turned one direction you’ve got the perfect tool for accurate, firm G-spot manipulation—but flip this sculptured toy around, and you’ve also got a fun anal probe.
  26. pjur med Energy Glide: A naturally formulated water based lubricant with an invigorating combination of plant extracts from cocoa, ginger, cardamom and white pepper. The Theobromin extracted from cocoa is stimulating; cardamom, ginger and white pepper contain valuable antioxidant secondary plant compounds, and provide a warming effect. They furthermore optimize blood circulation. 
  27. Tenga Egg: The Tenga Eggs come in six different varieties each with different internal structures for a variety of great experiences. Great as a novelty gift and a perfect travel companion. The super stretchable elastomer concealed within each of these discreet Eggs expands drastically for a snug fit regardless of your size.
  28. Flight: The Fleshlight Flight masturbation sleeve is designed with a special inner canal texture made out of Fleshlight’s patented Real Feel Super Skin, and comes housed in a sleek black Fleshlight case. Flight sports a new, compact design that does not have as much bulk as the original Fleshlight's. Also, the interior is a clear crystal rather than a skin-toned color. The textures on the inside are new and dynamic.
  29. The Rock-Chick: The Rock-Chick Personal Massager from Rocks-Off is very popular in the UK and is personally recommended by Sue Johanson. It is manufactured from 100 percent skin safe silicone. The vibrating bullet is removable. The unique U shape combines great vaginal stimulation and clitoral stimulation at the same time. There is a curved end to reach the G-spot. It also has a ribbed section for women who prefer clitoral stimulation from rubbing rather than vibrations.
  30. Mia 2 Rechargeable Vibe: Mia 2 is LELO’s upgraded version of their original Mia Lipstick USB vibe. Mia 2 comes with more vibration modes and twice the power. Mia 2 is a discreet lipstick vibe carefully designed to combine versatility and convenience. Mia 2's variable speed vibration and six pulse-pattern modes give you all the options you need. Mia is rechargeable by USB and a one-hour charge provides up to 1.5 hours of run time. This vibrator can be charged on any computer and also comes with an extension cord for USB charging from an outlet.