BuzzFeed Examines Twee Pleasure Products

LOS ANGELES—While most every manufacturer these days has some type of pleasure product that is hyped as a “non-threatening” or “non-intimidating” design, BuzzFeed recently highlighted the top “twee” toys, or those that are so sweet and cute it’s almost nauseating.

The 17 Most Twee Sex Toys Of All Time was posted last week, and included the Cupcake Vibrator from Shiri Zinn, I Rub My Duckie from Big Teaze Toys, Mini Mini Monkey clitoral stimulator from Doc Johnson and the Muse from NS Novelties.

“Sometimes vibrators can seem a tad intimidating. You know what’s not intimidating? Flowers and cupcakes and Hello Kitty!!!” the article reads.

The article got plenty of comments, from readers wonder if the items were actually sold as sex toys, to personal opinions about specific items on the list.

“I’m really just not down with shoving Hello Kitty up in my hoo-haa,” one reader commented.

As for what we at AVN think is missing? The WonderLand collection from Doc Johnson, Tickler vibes from Toyfriend and the Leaf collection from BMS Factory. But hey, what would we know from sex toys, right?