Bridal, Bra Sets, Accessories Dominate ILS Show Floor

LAS VEGAS—Lingerie and accessories dominated the show floor at the latest installment of the International Lingerie Show, which runs through today at the Rio Hotel and Casino Convention Center.

Among those offering accessories was Pastease, a company that got its start in 2002. From a core group of fabric pasties in a variety of colors, the company has grown to include more fun and unique shapes, many embellished with metallic colors and glitter.

“Originally we had some felt shapes, some of which had glitter,” explained company rep Stephanie. “Now we can’t seem to get enough product out there with glitter.”

Now Pastease has themes that cover everything from unicorns to skulls to glittery kitties to mermaids to extraterrestrials to pizza slices. Yes … pizza.

“I saw pizza was trending on Instagram, so we decided to make pasties that looked like pepperoni pizza slices,” Stephanie said. “We originally made 50 pairs, but we ended up getting thousands of orders from them. They became a huge hit, and have even been featured on Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and more.”

Stephanie said she suspects part of the popularity of the pizza slice pasties is due to the pot culture that is openly growing nationwide. That also explains the popularity of Pastease’s pot leaf collection, which comes in a number of colors and glitter options.

“People love their pot!” Stephanie said. “Anything pot related is always in our Top 3 best sellers.”

Another major accessory that seemed to be everywhere on the ILS show floor was chokers. Fantasy Lingerie featured a unique take on the item, with a lace choker that ties in the back with a satin bow and has several strands of faux pearls that drape down at various lengths. The chokers are paired with lace panties in matching colors (black or white).

Part of the company’s Risque box collection, the choker sets are meant to evoke an old English feel, explained rep Primrose Boon. The black set is named Marie, while the white is named Antoinette.

“When we do new pieces, especially in certain genres, we want to find a way that we can do it differently than anyone else,” said company rep Leilani Whitney.

To that end, Fantasy Lingerie entered superhero/geek culture with the newest additions to the Play bedroom costume line. The Super Sexy (PL 1603) costume resembles a Superman/Supergirl outfit, while the Bad Girl costume (PL 1604) is reminiscent of Batman/Batgirl and Cat Woman.

Also big for Fantasy Lingerie and the lingerie sector in general is bridal.

“People are not afraid of white anymore,” Boon said. “We have a porcelain white for items in our premiere hanging line. People are wearing white year-round. And there are so many different versions of white. Just like there were 50 shades of grey, there are 50 shades of white.”

White is featured in many of the company’s new bra sets, which is also another big trend in the industry. Fantasy Lingerie offers a variety of sets, some including a matching garter, while others feature long-line bras with skirts.

Baci Lingerie is also offering a number of bra and panty sets that will be available in the coming months, a company rep said.

“We have many three-piece sets that features a lace bra, panty and matching cincher,” she said. “Many women are not comfortable with their tummy area, so this combination gives you a two-piece feel that shows a little skin but with some extra coverage.”

Color is also a big trend, the rep said, so Baci has answered by adding pops of jewel-tone colors to many pieces in its summer collection. 

“People are asking for bright colors again,” the rep said. “Corals, bright blues, jewel tones … anything that makes the pics stand out.”

But it’s not all about lingerie at ILS. Shots America showcased several of its popular collections, including Ouch! and Boom, as well as its newest collection, Vive.

The Vive collection feature a number of traditional styles—a wand massager, a lay-on vibrator, a teardrop-shaped vibrator with a Bluetooth app—that all offer a twist. With rose gold accents and the Vive name branded on every piece, the rechargeable and splash-proof pleasure toys come in black, pink and purple. 

The Shiatsu wand massager has a textured head on the top to offer deeper, penetrating vibrations to muscle with a separate motor in the handle, which can be used for internal stimulation. The Cleo boasts dual motors that power the piece at both ends. The ends, however, can be separated and rejoined to either create a C-curve or an S-curve.

Other pieces in the collection include the Ombra, a simple stimulator with a flexible shaft that can bend almost 90 degrees in any direction; the Aviva, which comes to a precise point t the end for clitoral, G-spot or prostate stimulation; and the Enoki, a massager that resembles a barbell and offers two rounded heads for external stimulation.

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