Big Teaze's Paris Duckie Jailed in Italy

FLORENCE, Italy — Big Teaze’s little vibrating duck with the feather boa and Austrian crystal bill piercing — Paris — was jailed this week in Florence, Italy, for causing what one Italian news source is calling a “sex scandal.”

Paris was on display in the Coin Street Calzioli store’s women’s unmentionables department when one shopper was shocked and appalled by the item. Though Paris and other members of the I Rub My Duckie family were behind draperies, they did not have the proper signage warning customers of their stimulating presence.

Sheriff Graziano Cioni took Paris and her relatives into custody for violating Article 28, a law governing the sale of erotic items.

“I hate to see her detained like this,” Big Teaze Toys President Tony Levine said as he prepared to board a plane to Italy to bail out Paris and the others. “But I do love Florence in the spring.”

Big Teaze officials, however, have been in contact with Paris, who seems to be faring quite well despite the outrage and scandal.

“I can peck any lock and I can quack out of any jail!” the defiant Paris assured her fans. “They won’t hold me long – unless I need fresh batteries, that is.”

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