Big Teaze Fans All A-Twitter

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. - Forget the Golden Boy statue that Hollywood's elite took home on Oscar night; four lucky celebrities earned themselves an I Rub My Duckie from Big Teaze Toys.

Big Teaze, creators of the I Rub My Duckie and the B3 Collection of Luxury Massagers, asked its Twitter followers to alert the company to which celebrities most resembled which Duckie. Four winning tweets were chosen, with participants getting the chance to win a Gold Label Collector's Edition Duckie.

The Hollywood winners were:

Johnny Depp: "Pirate Duckie could very well be Mr. Johnny Depp; Capt. Jack Sparrow? All it's missing is a bottle of rum!"

Jack Black: "I would say Jack Black is the Devil Duckie. He's just so mischievous."

Mickey Rourke: "Mickey Rourke with the Bondage Duckie. He likes being dominant and he'd body slam anyone who makes fun of him having a Duckie!"

Natalie Portman: "Natalie Portman's pink dress is tres chic - much like the Paris Duckie!"

The Twitter Contest is part of Big Teaze Toys' social media pilot program, which includes a new Facebook Page and plans for a branded blog and YouTube Channel.

"I love being able to communicate directly with our fan base and Duckie lovers," said Tony Levine, Big Teaze Toys' president and chief designer. "It's all about making them happy, in more ways than one. We get inspired when they're having fun."

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