Back in the USA: What’s Next for Nexus

This article originally ran in the May 2016 issue of AVN magazine. Click here to see a copy of the digital edition.

This month, Americans who appreciate high-quality pleasure products will have cause for celebration. For the past five years, U.K. brand Nexus has been operating under a legal agreement that prohibits the sale in the U.S. of certain products. That prohibition ends May 15. After that, retailers will be able to get their hands on all Nexus items from American distributors.

“We are really excited to be back in full force,” said Monique Carty, managing director of Nexus. “Even with the five-year hiatus, our brand has remained strong in the USA and we are still contacted daily from customers across all channels about selling the prohibited items.”

Many of the unavailable products are aimed at men, which reflects the company’s original focus when it started back in 2005. “The creator felt that there was a gap in the market at the time,” Carty said. “Although there are more male-focused brands in the market now, I still feel that Nexus offers something different to the market.  We’ve never wanted to be just another brand and always strive to be innovative. In the last five years we have also launched two female products from our sub brand, Nexus Femme, and will be striving to be recognized as more than a ‘male brand.’”

Highlights of the relaunch include the Revo rotating prostate massagers and new packaging and pricing for the hard prostate massagers.

A lot has changed for Nexus, from new products to a whole new team. Carty talked about where the high-end brand is now and where it’s going.

“Our team has changed since our inception. I have been with the company for the last three years and have been building the foundations for our full U.S. comeback the last two,” said Carty. “My background in the industry spans over 12 years and during that time I have been exposed to all channels of market. Kerri Middleton has recently joined us and brings with her nine years of experience in the industry. She has also worked across numerous channels from distribution, stores and a top luxury brand. Between us I feel we are in a very good position to push Nexus to the next level.

“In the last five years we have learned a lot as a brand,” Carty added. “With a larger range and a new team with a wealth of experience, we are in a great place to fully re-enter the U.S. market.”

Carty pointed out one move made by Nexus. “We have opened our own warehouse in New Jersey to ensure that our customers get the best and most convenient service possible.”

Retailers looking to stock more products for prostate stimulation will find a wealth of new stocking options. Among them are Excel, Glide, Neo, Titus and Vibro, all of which were in the first-generation range; the Revo 2 and Revo Stealth, which are rotating, rechargeable prostate massagers; and the G-Rider, Ridge Rider and Max 5, which are silicone vibrating toys.

Many of these items are top sellers in markets where Nexus can offer the full range. “Revo Stealth, our remote-controlled Revo, is by far our biggest-selling item worldwide, followed by Revo 2, Glide and Vibro. Our accessories are also our key bread-and-butter items and we sell large numbers across the board,” Carty said.

Carty explained that the Revo was in development when the legal agreement was put in place, and it was included on the list of prohibited items. “After that, Revo 2 and Revo Stealth were born,” she said, “and the demand in the U.S. was so high that we developed Revo Intense in order to satisfy the market and not infringe on our agreement.”

In addition to the Revo Intense, a few other new products from Nexus have been available to U.S. consumers here. These include the Ace vibrating anal plugs and the Nexus Sparta, which uses a stroking motion to stimulate the prostate.

In terms of recent sales in the United States of the newest products, Carty said, “Revo Intense, Ace and Sparta have done extremely well during their time in the market. Each of those items offer something completely unique and it shows in sales. Ace Large is actually our most recent release, but Sparta was not much before.  Ace Large and Medium have done so well that we will be launching an Ace Small later this year.”

Looking farther ahead, Carty said, “We are constantly pushing the boundaries and trying to improve as a brand.  This year will see us increase our retail presence with our POS and working with distributors and stores alike to really communicate our brand USPs—that as well as developing some new items that we will launch later this year.”

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