Baci Lingerie USA Introduces Dreams Collection

MIAMI—Baci Lingerie USA, the leader in affordable luxury lingerie, has launched Dreams, a new collection consisting of 33 affordably priced, sexy bedroom costumes for women. Packaging for Dreams also reflects a new direction Baci will implement on future releases according to Alicia Sinclair, national sales director of Baci Lingerie USA.

“Images on the front of our Dreams Collection packaging are all shot on location and tell a story,” she explained. “If the costume is of a prison inmate, it was shot in a real jail, if it’s a flight attendant, the shoot took place on a real Boeing 747. You’ll also notice we’ve included some sexy guys in the photo shoots to create a complete fantasy, while making some practical improvements on the back of the box.”

Practical improvements on the back of the packaging for Dreams include sizing information in a larger, easier to read font as well as front and back photographs of the costume to show the customer exactly what is included in the box. Packaging for the Dreams Collection also includes QR codes, which can be scanned to transport the customer to a short form “peep show” video.

“We are encouraging retailers to point out these QR codes so that customers can see what these costumes look like on a real body in video form,” Sinclair continued. “Dreams is a great merchandising opportunity as well. We will be releasing merchandising plans, which are done systematically, for the retailer to get the most bang for their buck. We encourage retailers to set up bedroom costume sections in their stores. Sell the fantasy!”

The new Dreams Bedroom Costume Collection includes nurses, maids, schoolgirls, flight attendants, prison inmates, cops and more. Each costume is available in S/M or M/L as of now, with plus-sized offerings to be released later in 2012. Posters and merchandising materials and plans are available by contacting your Baci Lingerie USA sales representative.

Those who need to be assigned a sales representative may contact Alicia Sinclair at [email protected], (888) 688-BACI (2224), mobile: (818) 427-2667, or fax: (855) 329-BACI (2224),