Baci Lingerie Puts Sexy Lingerie Wholesale Prices on Another Level

MIAMI—Baci Lingerie, the newest and hottest brand of sexy lingerie, has declared war on wholesale prices/factory prices in the sexy lingerie market.

Baci Lingerie is sticking to their guns by delivering the lowest possible pricing in the world for their well-designed, high-quality lingerie that comes with the best photographs and art work, in beautifully designed custom packaging, so that as many people as possible will be able to obtain this affordable luxury.

Rather than selling expensive lingerie that only a few can buy, Baci Lingerie makes it possible to provide lingerie to a greater number of people by providing low-priced products that contribute to helping more people feel better about their lives.

According to Robert Rosen, chief operating officer of Baci Lingerie, "Most lingerie companies do the exact opposite and try to make the most beautiful lingerie for the most expensive price. We are revolutionary in the sense that we are trying to create high-quality, sexy lingerie at prices that everyone in the world can afford.

"We believe that sexy lingerie is still a very young industry and the luxuries of beautiful lingerie should not be had by only the few that can afford them," Rosen added.

Baci Lingerie is able to create such beauty at the lowest prices ever seen by getting the products directly from Asia in huge quantities without the assistance of any middle men or brokers. The company considers only the production costs of a product and very small mark-up when determining the price. Baci Lingerie does not include expenses such as the lavish $3.4 million photo shoots or the breathtaking Baci Lingerie booth ($950,000) when calculating prices.

Baci Lingerie also does not recommend any suggested retail price that a retailer should sell the product, letting the retailer have the freedom to choose what price they are going to sell at.

"In our striving for perfection, our ultimate goal is always the customer and how we can deliver the best value to them,” Rosen said.

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