Baci Lingerie Is Thinking Outside The Box for Valentine’s Day

MIAMI—Baci Lingerie USA, a leader in affordable luxury, is encouraging retailers to think outside the box this Valentine’s Day. The manufacturer has put together merchandising presentations on how to best display its Black Label and Lashes Collections in order to increase sales.

“We are here to help retailers increase sales, streamline the ordering process and take the guesswork out of merchandising,” explained Alicia Sinclair, national sales director of Baci Lingerie USA. “Our research has proven that retailers who think outside the box by cross merchandising packaged lingerie with an assortment of goods on display, report higher sell-through.”

Baci Lingerie USA has several presentations available for retailers who would benefit from visual examples on how to execute this merchandising method effectively. The manufacturer’s newly expanded sales team is also available to help retailers customize these merchandising presentations to fit their stores.

“You are creating a picture for them,” said Erik Alexander, vice president of sales and marketing for Baci Lingerie USA. “Cross merchandising packaged goods with sample pieces on display gives customers a complete vision of how it’s going to fit and feel on their body. Anything you put in front of the customers eye that they can touch is going to sell better.”

“It isn’t just about creating a strong visual presentation on a wall in your store,” Sinclair explained. “As important as that is, you’re also giving the customer a chance to see and feel the quality of the garments. These are high quality goods that need to be seen and felt first hand in order to appreciate them.”

For more information on Baci Lingerie’s Think Outside The Box Valentine’s Day merchandising presentations or to get a sales rep to help customize a presentation for your store email [email protected] or contact Alicia Sinclair at [email protected], (888) 688-BACI (2224), Mobile: (818) 427-2667, or fax: (855) 329-BACI (2224).