B Swish Putting Their Best Environmental Foot Forward

LOS ANGELES—The environmentally conscious manufactory B Swish has decided to reduce its carbon footprint dramatically by incorporating USB chargers in their rechargeable products from now on.

Moving forward B Swish has decided to only use USB chargers for their rechargeable massagers. Head educator at B Swish Jae feels this is the only way to move forward in the current climate.

“With global warming being a concern for many of our customers, it makes sense to move in this positive direction, by utilizing a USB charger that can easily be used in adapters that the majority of people already own we can eliminate duplication of hard plastic production, thus resulting in a smaller carbon footprint for B Swish," Jae said.

Moving forward B Swish's rechargeable massagers will utilize a USB charger which can easily be plugged straight into a computer or an adapter such as those that come with most mobile phones now days. 

B Swish will be phasing this environmental choice in over the next several months, and are very proud of this progressive step forward to reduce their carbon footprint.

The first two massagers that will roll out with the USB chargers are the Bcurious and the Bbold, both from their Premium Line. Packaging is starting to reflect this positive change.

“As usual we are listening to our customers, and people nowadays want to do their bit for the environment, and if it is as simple as using your phone or iPod adapter to charge other products. Who are we not to facilitate this?” said Jae. “We are doing our bit for the environment and going greener."

For more information, visit BSwish.com.