B Swish Now Available Through Komar

LOS ANGELES-Komar Co Inc. has announced that is it now carrying B Swish’s products including the entire Deluxe Range, which comes with staff educational support, and a price point that is affordable and competitive.

“After meeting Adrianne and Mark at this year’s ILS in Las Vegas, I am happy to announce that B Swish is now working together with Komar,” said Jae, B Swish’s head of marketing and education. “Komar took an instant like to all the new developments happening here at B Swish and the timing is just perfect, not only have they taken on our Deluxe Line, but Komar will also be stocking toys from our other two lines as well.”

Adrianne Hyatt from Komar stated, “We are extremely happy to be working closely with Jae and the Team at B Swish, we are delighted to bring on their high quality price competitive toys and product education support program.”

B Swish’s mantra is affordable luxury for all, their fashion forward designs and colors across their three lines ensure that there is something for everyone in the B Swish collections.

The Deluxe Line of products with their vibrant colors, and retail price points appeal to a younger demographic, while their luxurious Premium line products retailing under $80 appeal to those looking for something special.

Komar has not over looked the classics either, the popularity of the Bcutes by B Swish was evident from the onset. Creative Director David Grauel from Komar said, “Everyone here is really excited about working with B Swish’s classic line, we know our customers will be as impressed with these essential toys as we are.”

Jae from B Swish added that the B Swish team is also really enthusiastic about the working Komar and ensuring the B Swish’s product educational program is implemented therefore opening news sales for Komar customers.

For more information, visit BSwish.com.