Autoblow Inventor Back With Crowdfunding Campaign For 3Fap

CHICAGO—Brian Sloan has become somewhat of the poster boy for crowdfunded sex toys. The Chicago-Born inventor has successfully used the Indiegogo site to fund the manufacturing of the Autoblow 2 and the Slaphappy. Now, he returns to the crowdfunding platform to help make his newest creation, the 3Fap.

The 3Fap separates itself from most other masturbators on the market in that it simultaneously offers three orifices, each with separate textures and independently controlled levels of suction.

“There has been little if any innovation in manually operated male masturbation devices for at least 20 years,” Sloan said. “The market leading products force men to purchase multiple sleeves to enjoy multiple orifices and textures plus there’s no way to use those multiple sleeves simultaneously during one masturbation event. 3Fap’s three orifices on each sleeve will improve upon this expensive frustrating experience by adding sensation options and lowering cost.”

In his 90 second pitch video, Sloan informs viewers that their penises “are in prison and 3Fap is their way out.”

3Fap will be among the first sex toys to use the latest 3D scanning technology to reproduce mouths, vulvas, and anuses onto the tops of its sleeves. Sloan recently held a worldwide vaginal beauty contest and personally 3D scanned the three winners plus three additional women. His company now has a library of orifices to choose from to place atop 3Fap’s openings.

To understand some of the product’s finer points, click to listen to the 3Fap jingle.

Click here for the Indiegogo pitch video, and click here for a cleaner version.

The campaign launched this week, and is already at more than 4 percent of the funding goal.

For more information, visit 3Fap’s Indiegogo campaign.