Adam & Eve Expands Intimate Cosmetic Offerings

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Topco Sales announces the release of six new intimate cosmetics and a unique penis harness.

“We placed a lot of focus on expanding Adam & Eve's cosmetics offerings with this release,” said Miranda Lancaster, product development project manager for Topco Sales. “As a result, we were able to introduce nine new formulations at this summer's ANME show.”

Of these formulas, six are now ready to ship. The first two, Adam & Eve Oral Sensations Gels in Grape and Strawberry, are both oral sex enhancers. When applied, these gels add flavor and a slippery sensation to oral activities to maximize stimulation.

Next are scented massage oils in Strawberry and Vanilla. These Adam & Eve Pheromone Massage Oils have been enhanced with pheromones to increase passion.

Also available is Adam & Eve Sensual Tightening Spray. This formula allows the user to appear tighter and more supple while moisturizing her delicate skin.

Lastly, Adam & Eve Marathon Spray is a male desensitizer spray designed to increase performance.

In addition to this array of personal cosmetics, Topco Sales has also released Adam & Eve The Yank. This unique device functions as a harness, effectively tethering penis to thigh via an adjustable Velcro strap system. Then, as the wearer walks, it produces a tugging sensation with each step.

For more information about the Adam & Eve Signature Toys line from Topco Sales, contact your local distributor or Topco Sales account representative today or visit