A Love Letter to the Hitachi Magic Wand

Thankfully, there are many vibrators available nowadays, many of them well-designed for their purpose: sleek, colorful, rechargeable art pieces that can stand alone on the coffee table looking for all the world like modern sculpture. Those toys are great for those on whom they work, and I have a selection for those guests of mine who prefer them, but the ungainly Hitachi, with its unflattering white plastic housing, remains the durable workhorse of pleasure. It ain’t pretty but it sure saves a lot of time and effort when one is trying to get off.

If you’re a woman who depends on her vibrator for a reliable orgasm, as I do, then the Hitachi Magic Wand might be just the thing for you. Betty Dodson (www.bettydodson.com), the “Grandmother of Masturbation,” popularized them in the 1980s when she used them in her groundbreaking group masturbation workshops for women. Betty has taught, in person, many thousands of women around the world how to become orgasmic, and the Hitachi was instrumental in that effort.

It certainly is the only effective vibrator for me. My orgasmic threshold is pretty high, unlike those women who can come anywhere from twice to ten times per bonk. I come once per sex session and after an hour or so of being on the edge, two to three minutes with “Wanda” is just what I need to go over the edge in a huge swan dive.

If you find the buzz too strong for you, follow Betty’s suggestion and place a twice-folded washcloth between you and the toy, which diminishes the sensation quite a bit. The only way to find out is to practice, alone or with a partner, to see what works best. Ladies, start your engines!