A Bigger & Better Nexus Is Back In The USA

LONDON, UK—After five years, Nexus, the UK adult toy brand, is back in the USA with its entire range for men and women.

On May 15, the legal agreement prohibiting the sale of particular items in the USA comes to an end, meaning retailers will be able to get their hands on all Nexus products from distributors across the country.

“We are really excited to be back in full force,” said Monique Carty, Nexus Director. “Even with the five-year hiatus, our brand has remained strong in the USA and we are still contacted daily from customers across all channels about selling the prohibited items.”

In the last five years a lot has changed for Nexus, from new products (now including women’s) to a whole new team, whilst the last two years has seen it build its foundations and put its US distribution network in place, ready for the relaunch this year. 

“In the last five years we have learned a lot as a brand,” added Monique.  “With a larger range and a new team with a wealth of experience, we are in a great place to fully re-enter the US market.”

Highlights of the relaunch include the entire range of the best-selling, award-winning  Revo rotating prostate massagers and the new and improved packaging and pricing of the hard prostate massagers. 

To check out the entire range, customers can visit nexusrange.com

For further information, telephone +44-(0)-20-7260-2912 and/or email [email protected].