40 Years of Kama Sutra

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. - In 1969, Joe Bolstad and Hal Hauser founded the Kama Sutra Company, hoping that their Oil of Love and other sexual products would spread a message of peace.

"The Vietnam War had been raging, and we wanted to offer a way to heal the divisive wounds our country was going through," Bolstad told AVN Novelty Business. "To that end, we created a group of romance and intimacy products that we hoped would encourage people to come together in a wholesome, loving and positive way. The Kama Sutra brand of products was launched."

Today, Kama Sutra offers more than 60 bath products, body paints, massage oils, and other products. And the Original Oil of Love is still selling.

"The early lines have grown some, but we stick with the basics, too," explained Cheryl Flangel, U.S. distribution sales director for Kama Sutra. "Today, the Original Oil of Love is available in eight flavors, but it still features the original packaging. People have asked us to use plastic bottles instead of glass, or stop using the cork stopper, but we keep it because it's reflective of who we are."

Though times have changed, Bolstad and Kama Sutra have maintained their dedication to quality and integrity with ingredients, packaging and marketing. The company also insists that its products will always be made in the USA.

"We believe that by following these practices, we can ensure constant quality and high standards," said Beverly Pollington Sirjani, Kama Stura's senior vice-president. "We also believe that we owe it to our fellow Americans to support their business here in the USA, even if it means paying more for our raw goods."

From humble beginnings, Kama Sutra has grown into a sophisticated company offering classy and sensual products that are enjoyed by women and couples.

A recent poll in Hospitality magazine showed that Kama Sutra kits are a hot item for honeymoons. Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman even gave Kama Sutra's Body Souffle as thank-you gifts to their wedding guests in 2005. Other celebrity customers include Kim Kardashian, Marcia Cross and Shannon Elizabeth.

Some of the company's more popular items - the Original Oil of Love, French Vanilla Body Soufflé, Love Liquid water-based Sensual Lubricant, Sweet Honeysuckle Honey Dust, and a feather applicator - are packaged together in the Bedside Box. 

Kama Sutra is offering a limited edition of the kit to mark the company's 40th anniversary. It's one of many special events planned throughout the year, company reps said.

"Kama Sutra is the brand all others are measured by," Bolstad said. "My dear partner Hal, who is no longer with us, would be proud of his co-creation, I think."

For more information, visit KamaSutra.com.