XPays Offers Amnesty to Alleged ‘One Night in Paris’ Pirates

SAN FRANCISCOXPays, which just received permission from a judge to begin an expedited discovery process in its lawsuit against 843 alleged John Doe pirates of the HotelHeiress.com Paris Hilton Sex Video, is now offering amnesty to suspected illegal downloaders, for a price.

The following prepared announcement was issued by the company Friday:

XPays is pleased by the ruling of the Court that we can subpoena the names and addresses of those persons that illegally obtained our content. However, we are also very mindful of people's privacy and would like to offer amnesty to anyone that would like to voluntarily come forward to resolve their case anonymously and with confidentiality.

XPays is not pursuing this lawsuit with the hopes of embarrassing anyone or causing them any amount of shame. We merely want to protect our content. At this time anyone who has downloaded a free copy of the HotelHeiress.com Paris Hilton Sex Video aka One Night in Paris, can resolve this matter for $500.00. XPays believes this to be a very fair offer and one that is a substantial discount from any that will be offered in the future.

Individuals interested in amnesty can email XPays' attorney, Michael W. Fattorosi at [email protected], or call him at (818) 881-8500. Fattorosi will handle all settlement agreements and payments.