Woman Arrested for Assaulting Cop With 'Pleasure Device'

GURNEE, Ill.—It wasn’t a sex toy, per se, or a sexual health device, but a “rigid female pleasure device.” The name didn’t matter, however; as far as Gurnee police were concerned, the threat was just as serious and just as imminent. The woman who wielded the RFPD is now under arrest, charged with one misdemeanor count of aggravated assault and theft of labor.

It didn’t have to end like this. Carolee Bildsten, 56, of Gurnee, was just hungry. Problem is, she didn’t want to pay for the meal, and allegedly walked out on her tab at Joe’s Crab Shack on Tuesday.

“An officer was told by a restaurant employee that Bildsten came into the restaurant and ordered a dinner and wine, then went outside and sat on a bench,” reported the Sun-Times Media Wire. “Police were called because Bildsten had apparently skipped out on a restaurant bill two weeks prior.”

Police tracked Bildsten to a spot of grass on the south side of Grand Avenue, near Six Flags Great America, where she appeared to be intoxicated, lying on the grass. When told she had to pay her bill, she said she had money at her apartment. An officer escorted her there.

“Once there she walked into her bedroom, opened a dresser drawer and reached inside and removed a ‘clear, rigid feminine pleasure device’ and held it over her head, approaching the officer in a ‘threatening manner,’” according to a police report.

“The officer knocked the device out of the way before he could be hit and placed Bildsten under arrest,” reported CBS, which added that Bildsten was released on a personal recognizance bond and issued a court date of Dec. 6. “She was also charged with pedestrian under the influence for walking on public roadways while intoxicated.”

No word on the make or model of the RFPD.