What Happens In Bahrain Stays In Bahrain...Unless It's A Nail In Your Junk And You're There Illegally

BAHRAIN – The Gulf Daily News, "the voice of Bahrain," reports that doctors successfully removed a two-inch nail from a man's genitals yesterday. The unidentified 37-year-old Indian man endured a non-surgical procedure called a cystoscopy at Salmaniya Medical Complex in Bahrain.

The nail lodged in the man's urethra was pulled from its location on the first attempt. While it sounds painful, to say nothing of hysterical, doctors at SMC said the man could have died had not the object been spotted via X-ray.

The man admitted himself to the hospital unable to speak and suffering from severe abdominal pain. A subsequent X-ray clearly showed the problem: a nail in his urethra.

Later, when speaking with doctors, the man claimed he had been attacked by a gang of Bahrainis who assaulted and robbed him. The last thing he remembered was having something sprayed in his face and being fondled by one of his attackers.

The man had been in his painful condition for three days before seeking help.

SMC Accident and Emergency Department senior resident Dr. Ashwani Narang told the Daily News that the man's condition "could have proved fatal if there had been a further delay."

The unfortunate man also told doctors that he was in the country illegally. The paper reports he will now be deported.

But there's always a happy note with stories like this. As Dr. Narang pointed out to the Daily News, "He would have been dead if he had not come to us. It is better that he is alive and deported than dead in a foreign land."

Doctors. Is there anything they don't know?