Update: After Hours Obscenity Trial Goes to Jury

STAUNTON, Va. - Attorneys in the After Hours Video obscenity trial delivered their closing arguments this afternoon. The case has now gone to the jury.

The jury must now decide if After Hours owner Rick Krial and employee Tinsley Embrey are guilty of obscenity charges for selling legal adult videos to undercover police in October. The four-day misdemeanor trial involves two of the 12 videos purchased by investigators: Sugar Britches and City Girls Extreme Gang Bang.

“It’s great to say, ‘To each his own,’ … but not when it destroys the morals and decency of a community,” said Staunton prosecutor Ray Robertson.

Attorney H. Louis Sirkin, representing Embrey, urged the jury to reject Robertson's charges.

“Don’t let him become your community censor," Sirkin said.

U.S. Department of Justice attorney Matthew Buzzelli told the jury the trial is not about privacy issues. “It’s about consequences, it’s about consequences for not playing by the rules. Your free choice has limitations.”

“Freedoms have never been a majority rule concept," said Krial's attorney Paul Cambria. "Freedoms are hard to get and easy to lose.”

UPDATE: After returning from a lunch break, the jury asked for all the evidence in the case. Circuit Judge Thomas Wood granted that request, but denied the jury's additional request for a dictionary.

source: NewsLeader.com.