Two More Ohio Lawmakers Introduce Age Verification Legislation

COLUMBUS, Ohio—A bipartisan pair of Ohio state lawmakers has introduced an age verification proposal targeting porn sites.

Senate Bill (SB) 212, proposed by state Sens. Stephanie Kunze and William P. DeMora, would implement requirements and penalties for adult entertainment website operators who fail to verify the ages of users logging on from IP addresses originating in Ohio.

Kunze is a Republican. DeMora is a Democrat.

The bill would require age verification through independent, third-party verification software services.

SB 212 is similar to dozens of other proposals introduced throughout the country.

Eight states, including Louisiana and Texas, have laws like these.

Age verification requirements have been challenged in legal settings by the adult entertainment trade group, the Free Speech Coalition, and other adult industry companies. Companies like these include Aylo, the corporate parent of

AVN previously reported on a competing verification proposal introduced in October 2023 by state Rep. Steve Demetriou.

Demetriou's bill would have made it a felony to operate a pornography website in Ohio's digital space with age verification.