Trac-B Posts GoFundMe to Expand Sex Worker Outreach Program

LAS VEGAS, NV—Trac-B Exchange, the only local harm reduction center that provides services tailored to sex workers, has begun a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds so that its programs can expand.

Established in 2017, Trac-B provides free health services to the community including HIV and Hepatitis testing and linkage to care, safer sex kits, syringe exchange, Naloxone (opioid reversal medication), and wound care. All services are provided free of charge.

Trac-B’s resources for sex workers include:

* Free harm reduction supplies: condoms (of every kind and size, including female condoms), dental dams, lube, pregnancy tests, drink-testers, discounted Plan B pills.

* Free HIV and Hepatitis C testing, referrals to healthcare specific to sex workers such as free counseling, referrals to exiting resources, referrals to free/low-cost access to PREP and PEP.

* A ’Bad date’ list.

* Monthly peer support group meetings led by a sex worker for sex workers, to assess community needs, give referrals and resources/supplies, and provide harm reduction resources.

A leading edge provider of healthcare and harm reduction resources, Trac-B currently has three vending machines in the Las Vegas metropolitan area: at Huntridge Family Clinic (1830 E. Sahara Ave.), The Center (LGBTQ center) (401 S. Maryland Pkwy.), and the Center for Behavioral Health (3050 Desert Inn Rd., Suite 116).

The machines currently vend safer sex kits (including condoms and lube), pregnancy tests, clean syringes, sharps containers, hormone syringe kits, Naloxone, first aid kits, hygiene kits, and safe smoking kits. Trac-B is currently looking to put free Plan B morning-after pills in its vending machines.

In the near future, Trac-B plans to add harm reduction and safety workshops for sex workers; training sessions for social workers and healthcare providers on how to work with sex workers; and additional supplies for sex workers in vending machines.

Christina Parreira, Trac-B’s Sex Work Harm Reduction Coordinator and an ‘out’ sex worker, said, “We are trying to raise $20,000 in the next year to fund more office space, the addition of more staff, the expansion of the sex worker harm reduction program, and to install more harm reduction vending machines around Nevada, increasing access to free Naloxone to save lives.”

Trac-B is also dedicated to bringing the voices of current sex workers into its program development.

Trac-B’s GoFundMe page can be viewed here. The center is located at 6114 W. Charleston Blvd., on the corner of W. Charleston and Jones, in Las Vegas.

For the latest news and events from Trac-B, follow it at its official site; on Twitter @TracBExchange; on Instagram @tracbexchange; on Switter @TracBExchange; and on Reddit.

Sex workers who would like their email address or phone number added to Trac-B’s list of individuals to be sent reminders of the monthly meeting, can email [email protected].