The Screaming O Develops Fundraising Program for FSC

CANOGA PARK, Calif. - Adult toy manufacturer, The Screaming O, has announced that it will donate in $20 and $30 dollar increments from the sale of its new in-store counter and free-standing P.O.P. display units to the Free Speech Coalition (FSC), a legal watchdog for the adult industry. The fundraiser also benefits the Ohio Citizens for Community Standards (CCS), in support of the hotly debated SB 16 initiative. The company will make each donation in the name of the retailer purchasing the products.

"We support the rights of adults to be adults" said Keith Caggiano, co-owner of The Screaming O/Bushman Products. "We believe this program will inspire other companies to follow suit in protecting adult rights in America."

The Screaming O will include an FSC donation certificate in every fully-stocked P.O.P display. Retailers just need to complete the form and fax it to FSC. This serves as a confirmation that the donation will be made in each participating retailer's name. The certificate also offers the opportunity for the retailer to match and/or add to the company's donation in an effort to unite the national adult novelty retailers.

"We want to do more than just donate," said Justin Ross, Caggiano's partner. "We are making the donation in the retailers name so they can feel like they are part of the cause and even motivate people that may not have gotten around to participating." Ross continues Bushman Products will also support the Lion's Den fund raising efforts with The Screaming O product for promotions and giveaways.

"We thank the folks at Screaming O for their innovative and generous donation program and commend them for their leadership," said Diane Duke, Free Speech Coalition Executive Director. "When businesses like Screaming O look outside their own business models to help the industry, we all benefit."

Those interested in participating in The Screaming O Retailer Donation Program can contact your adult novelty product distributor or e-mail [email protected]