"The Dirtiest Man in America" Writes to AVN

LOS ANGELES—Paul F. Little, better known to the world as Max Hardcore, writes from prison:

"I hope you're doing well during these dog days of summer, when the weather sizzles and the studios fall silent. I'm pleased to report that they have an extremely efficient air conditioning system here at the Metropolitan Detention Center which keeps us cool, calm and collected. Good thing, too, with all these hotheads here!

"I heard from [director Wesley Emerson] that CNBC finally ran the show they shot footage for at the last Adult Entertainment Expo in January. He said I did a pretty good job in my interview, which I was happy to hear, because I was a little concerned that the show was going to be another hatchet job on the industry. But true to his word, Justin Solomon, the producer, said he wasn't going for gore and he didn't.

"I wouldn't know much more than that, but then I received a copy of a blog posted on a right-wing website called Townhall. The author is a wing-nut extremist named Brent Bozell who is no fan of the industry in general, and me in particular. Mr. Bozell did his homework and dug up an investigative story centered on the 'sleaziest subcultures of sex on film' from the British newspaper, The Guardian, in which I evidently played a central part.

"Mr. Bozell may have thought he was doing some damage to me when he called me a 'True Pervert,' but in fact, I couldn't buy this type of advertisement. And Lord knows I could use the business right about now as it's kind of hard to make good money when you're in prison as a victim of censorship.

"As expected, Bozo—I mean Bozell—can't help himself and brings up child pornography as if it's something that the mainstream porn industry produces. He also claims that my costar in Hollywood Hardcore 13, Cloey Adams, is pretending to be a child. Really? Since when do children wear 6-inch stiletto heels and a skin-tight tube dress? I would say, 'Shame on you, Mr. Bozo!' But I know that like me, he has no shame. But if that's the way he sees it, maybe he needs help instead of me?

"Mr. Bozell goes so far as to quote dialogue out of a movie, in which an actress says some of the most famous words in porn: 'What do you think of your little princess now, Daddy?' It's pretty obvious what gets this guy off. But the best line of his whole blog is when Bozell states, 'Clearly, not enough people have any idea of what kind of sickness reigns in Max Hardcore videos'! I couldn't agree with you more, Mr. Bozell. Do tell!

"I swear to God that I did not put this guy up to this, nor did I pay him one thin dime. Bozell mentions my real name 11 times, my stage name two times and my movie title four times. I would write Mr. Bozell a thank-you note, except we don't have access to the internet here. He closes his blog post by shaming CNBC for not 'policing the porn industry'! The guy's got nerve, I'll tell you that! He also mentions that there will be a DVD released on the documentary with porn star extras. I can hardly wait for the royalties to roll in!

"That's all for now. I'm out of ribbon and out of time, so off this goes. Later, alligator.

"Paul F. Little
"AKA Max—The Dirtiest Man in America—Hardcore"