The Breast Defense is a Good Offense

TOKYO - Global news organization Agence France-Presse has reported that Japanese bikini model Serena Kozakura, 38, was able to have her conviction on charges of property destruction overturned when her defense lawyer used Kozakura's breasts to prove she could not have committed the crime.

According to AFP, Kozakura was convicted of the crime last year after a man said Kozakura had kicked in the wooden door of his room and entered through the opening in a jealous rage because Kozakura believed the man to be in the company of another woman. Kozakura contended that the man had done the damage himself.

In her appeal, Kozakura's lawyer held up a plate showing the dimension of the hole Kozakura was alleged to have crawled through. The lawyer then showed how Kozakura's impressive 44-inch bustline could never pass through an opening of that size.

AFP reported that Tokyo High Court presiding judge Kunio Harada agreed with Kozakura's defense and overturned the guilty verdict on Monday, adding there was reasonable doubt over the man's account of what happened to his door.

The AFP reported that Kozakura later held a press conference with Asahi Network, telling them, "I used to hate my body so much ... but it was my breasts" that won in court.