Texas Prepares for Super Bowl Sex Grid Lock

DALLAS—Texas figures it’s going to have one hell of a traffic problem come Super Bowl Sunday. Officials keep talking about a massive increase, and now the state says it’s going to help the city of Dallas keep a lid on it. Of course, they ain’t talking about cars, but people. The term used to be prostitution. Now, it’s trafficking.

"The Super Bowl is one of the biggest human trafficking events in the United States," said Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, evincing images of acts that were presumably abolished by President Lincoln in 1863.

“He cited numbers from a South Florida task force that estimated that tens of thousands were trafficked through that area for a recent Super Bowl,” reported the Dallas Morning News. “Abbott said his office is coordinating with local law enforcement as well as victims' advocacy groups in preparation for the Feb. 6 game.”

He also said Texas is ranked first or second in terms of human trafficking in many surveys.

“Officials estimate that about 10,000 people are trafficked through Texas in a year,” said the paper. The numbers are apparently not just for sex workers/prostitutes, even during the Super Bowl.

“While Abbott said it's difficult to forecast the problem, he expects traffickers to attempt to bring hundreds of people into the area to work—often in the sex trade—during Super Bowl XLV.”

The stadium has a capacity of 64,500 people, so even a few hundred sex workers sounds about proportional, maybe even a little on the low side. Will the state also work with the city to hand out condoms?