TBD Health Offers Discount Mgen Testing for PASS Community

LAS VEGAS—Sexual health firm TBD Health has announced an exclusive offer aimed at supporting those within the Performer Available Screening Services (PASS) system by offering accessible Mycoplasma genitalium (Mgen) testing at a reduced price. This initiative aims to assist talent with the newly-passed PASS guidance asking all performers to be tested for Mgen by October 1.

Commented PASS executive director Ian O'Brian, “Mycoplasma genitalium is an issue that the medical community is still figuring out, not just our industry. TBD Health is who PASS first turned to for a testing pilot last year because we could trust they would ensure delivery on the highest standards of care despite the uncertainty. We are grateful to their aptitude as well as their continued dedication to our community.”

TBD Health works with CAP and CLIA-certified labs and has in-house prescribing clinicians who adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The company is offering three types of special services related to Mgen testing:

1) At-Home Testing: Individuals can now access at-home Mgen testing kits at a special discount by using the code "PASS101" at checkout, which brigns the price to $65, down from the standard price of $90. The kits are available for purchase in 49 states (all except New York). To take advantage of this offer, visit: www.tbd.health/products/mycoplasma-genitalium

2) Vegas Clinic Testing: For those in the Las Vegas area, TBD Health is offering Mgen testing at its clinic for $65. This comprehensive fee includes any necessary consultation with staff members on treatment options (note that the cost of medication is not included). To book an appointment, visit TBD Health's Vegas Clinic Booking Page: www.tbd.health/clinic/vegas

3) Medication Consultation: Those previously tested for Mycoplasma genitalium at CLEAR may receive medication consultation services from TBD Health for $65. This service is designed to assist patients in understanding their test results and discussing potential treatment options. Those interested in this service should bring their lab results to their appointment.

TBD Health has been a PASS-approved partner since 2022 and is the only PASS-approved lab partner with prescribing authority.

For more information, visit www.tbd.health or email [email protected].