Talent Testing Service Rolls Out Plan for Coronavirus Testing

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Adult industry testing provider Talent Testing Service (TTS) announced details Friday of its plan to begin testing both talent and adult crew members for the novel coronavirus beginning Monday, May 11.

TTS CEO Sixto Pacheco first proposed the idea of implementing testing for the virus as part of the standard performer panel two weeks ago in a teleconference with a number of talent agents, producers and other industry players, including Free Speech Coalition (FSC) Executive Director Michelle LeBlanc. The company—one of three currently authorized to administer the required tests to be cleared for work in the FSC's PASS system—said in this new annoucement that it intends to integrate the coronavirus test into its Gold Standard Panel (GSP) as well as offer it as a standalone test, effective Monday. This corresponds with an FSC announcement earlier today that PASS-approved facilities would soon begin offering testing for the virus and as each did so, "they will add it to the PASS test panel and use it as part of the criteria for clearance to work once shooting resumes."

The TTS announcement, however, noted that at preasent, "clearances cannot be sent to FSC PASS due to the mismatch in testing panel components between TTS and other FSC-PASS laboratories. As always, clearances are available through the TTS website."

That said, being cleared to work in the PASS system at this time is for all intents and purposes a moot factor, given that the FSC's Friday announcement also stressed, "The production hold related to coronavirus will remain in effect until further notice. It is neither safe to shoot, nor legally permitted under local government orders."

TTS's full announcement concerning its implementation of coronavirus testing follows:

In response to the current pandemic and as a safety measure to all performers, TTS will integrate COVID-19 into the Gold Standard panel (GSP) effective Monday, May 11th, 2020. 

TTS recommends all Adult Performers to follow all governmental Social Distancing guidelines in place recommended by local, state and federal agencies. It is also recommended that during this period, you should consider yourself at a higher risk if you have any one of these symptoms: 

• Skin rash 
• Lack of smell 
• Lack of taste 
• Nausea/vomiting 
• Diarrhea 
• Headache 
• Weakness/fatigue/malaise 
• Joint pains 
• Muscle aches 
• Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing 
• Fever/chills 
• Dry cough 
• Productive cough 
• Stuffy nose 
• Runny nose 
• Sore throat 


Why is the test being included in the GSP Panel and for how long? 

COVID-19 is a unique, severe and unprecedented health crisis changing our lives. As the pandemic evolves, control efforts must be continuously refined. TTS will do its part to implement containment strategies. As talents continue to use our services, an important mitigating part is testing for this virus until governmental and scientific experts feel that it is safe to remove. 

How will the test be administered? 

All tests will be performed by oropharyngeal swabs. 

What sites and when will the tests be offered? 

Miami, Northridge, Las Vegas and Oakland will have availability to collect the specimens on Monday, May 11th. A nationwide rollout to all our ADFs will be gradual and sites will start to become live the week of May 18th. 

How does it work cost-wise? 

The GSP will only increase by US$35.00 in order to include the test as part of the panel. If a talent would like to re-take the test as stand-alone, he/she will be able to do so for US$35.00 which includes a US$40.00 credit as long as a GSP has been performed in the past seven (7) days . Otherwise the national standard cost of US$75.00 applies. 

How can Production Crew be Tested? 

Producers with valid TTS accounts will purchase discounted Producer Credit Codes (PCCs) for stand alone COVID-19 tests for their crew members as they wish. Once purchased, their crew can login to their account and use these codes to make an appointment to their site of choice and have their samples collected. Crew will be able to view their results online like any other talent. 

Will my Clearance be sent to FSC-PASS? 

At this time clearances cannot be sent to FSC PASS due to the mismatch in testing panel components between TTS and other FSC-PASS laboratories. As always, clearances are available through the TTS website at www.talenttestingservice.com. We strongly urge everyone to use the available Authentication Codes as well as the QR codes for test validations.