Talent Testing Service Comments on Medical History Questionnaire

The following statement has been received from Sixto Pacheco, President/CEO of Talent Testing Service (TTS), regarding some recent controversy over its Medical History Questionnaire:

In early February, Talent Testing Service (TTS) listened to the concerns of the industry and added the 4th generation HIV Ag/Ab assay to the Gold Standard Panel as a standard test. The inclusion of this test into the GS Panel prompted a host of internal changes at TTS. These changes included, but were not limited to, re-addressing testing algorithms, new clearance/non-clearance limitations and a revamping of the Medical Health Questionnaire (MHQ).

“As a facility that caters to the specific needs of the adult industry, our MHQ helps us determine what specific health problems our program participants may be exposed and are at increased risk to,” said Sixto Pacheco, President & CEO of TTS. “For close to 15 years, TTS has always complied with, federal, state and local laws and regulations, including but not limited to HIPAA regulations. We have never sold, rented, leased or given away any information regarding any of our patients, talents and/or donor/participants (D/Ps)—and never will.”

Pacheco added that, “We will again revise the MHQ, and starting on Monday, April 1st, talents can re-do their MHQ and select 'Decline to Answer' for those questions they feel uncomfortable answering or deem inappropriate.”

Talent Testing Service, Inc. (TTS) offers talents safe, courteous, affordable and convenient testing through wholly owned subsidiaries or collaborating sites. Since 2005, TTS has provided the most advanced infectious molecular testing for the adult industry. TTS is a privately held company with headquarters in Miami, Florida and subsidiary offices in Los Angeles, CA, Oakland, CA and Las Vegas, NV. It can be reached at [email protected].