Supposed Revenge-Porned Teacher Arrested for Lying to Cops

CINCINNATI, OHIO—In December, we posted a story about what we thought was a lack of compassion fellow Christians showed an Ohio woman who had claimed that nude photos of her on her stolen iPhone 5 had wound up on a revenge porn website. The woman, since identified as Jamie Climie, 36, had been suspended in early December from her job as a teacher at a Christian school in Cincinnati because of the photos, and in November she resigned her position at the school. At the time, we thought she was being victimized twice, but it turns out that Climie, a married woman, has been accused of lying the whole time—yes, to cover up an affair—and in fact was arrested in January for filing a false report with the police.

According to a recent article in the Christian Post, "Climie formerly served as a fifth-grade teacher at the Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy in Ohio, but was forced to resign after the racy photos made their way onto the Internet. Climie had told police in November that whoever stole her phone had uploaded the photos, one of which includes Climie standing in front of a shower and baring her chest to the camera... An investigation later found, however, that Climie had sent the photos to a cell-phone owner other than her husband, a married friend of hers with whom she had reportedly been carrying on an affair. Additionally, a forensic investigation tracking cell phone records and IP addresses found that Climie's phone had never been stolen."

The charges amount to only a misdemeanor, but the publicity, which has reached far and wide, may be the far greater punishment for the teacher who thought she could ride the current revenge-porn trend and lie about her affair. According to Christian Post, comments made on sites where her photos were posted indicate the woman may have had an equally problematic past. According to one commenter, "This person is not innocent, she was a teacher at [redacted] several years ago and was fired for inappropriate behavior with her students. I was a teacher at this school and couldn't believe the things that went on."

In hindsight, we realize we were wrong about the lack of compassion shown by Climie's fellow Christians, who obviously had a bead on her true character, instinctively or otherwise. We still think it was a shame that she had to lose her job, though. Other than the lying, she seems like a fun gal with serious swinger inclinations that she's apparently been repressing for years. It's also somewhat of a relief to learn that, suspensions aside, religious schools remain the randy playgrounds they have been since time immemorial.

In modern times, of course, stories like this no longer get spread by mere gossip, but get media play as far away as merry old England, a notoriety that may sting far worse than the arrest.