Stormy Daniels Case Takes Center Ring on Showtime’s ‘The Circus’

CYBERSPACE—The popular Showtime political reality series The Circus turns its cameras on the Stormy Daniels lawsuit against Donald Trump and his personal “fixer” Michael Cohen in an episode that will air on the premium cable network Sunday, April 22. The episode, titled “Too Many Lawyers,” will be the second installment of the “news as entertainment” show’s third season on Showtime.

On the episode, show co-host John Heilemann “rides along with Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels' lawyer, as they head to the Michael Cohen hearing. They discuss the media, Stormy Daniels' motives, and playing ‘the game,’” according to the network’s official teaser for the episode. 

The “Michael Cohen hearing” referred to in the description of the episode was Monday’s hearing in a Southern District of New York federal courtroom, in which Cohen and Trump sought to block prosecutors from examining documents and other records seized from Cohen in April 9 raids on his office, home, hotel room and bank safe deposit box.

To watch a three-minute preview of the episode, click on this link. The clip shows Avenatti attempting to figure out how to get Daniels into the federal courthouse while avoiding what he calls “a fucking circus.” In the brief preview, the telegenic attorney is also seen reassuring Daniels on the phone that she did a “great job” delivering her statement to the media outside the courthouse following the hearing.

In that statement, Daniels accused Cohen of believing that he is “above the law.” She vowed, “that ends now.”

The 47-year-old Avenatti has been described in one Associated Press profile as “a take-no-prisoners litigator armed with sharp suits and a seemingly endless supply of trash talk,” and those qualities appear to be on prominent display in Sunday’s Circus episode.

His appearance on the Showtime program is just the latest in what has been a seemingly ceaseless media blitz carried out by Avenatti since he filed the lawsuit against Trump and Cohen on Daniels’ behalf on March 6. Since then, Avenatti has appeared on at least one major news program almost every day.

The new exposure now showering the previously obscure Southern California litigator has led to calls from top Hollywood talent agencies looking to turn Avenatti’s newfound fame and relentless public attacks on Trump and Cohen into cash, according to an NBC News report.

NBC reported on Friday that, according to sources, Avenatti recently met with agents from William Morris Endeavor, one of the largest abd most powerful Hollywood agencies—an agency whose boss, Ari Emanuel, was formerly Trump’s Hollywood agent. Emanuel also held a meeting with Trump shortly after the 2016 election, but the purpose of that meeting remains unclear.

Around the time he was in law school, Avenatti worked as a political consultant in a firm run by Ari Emanuel’s brother, Rahm Emanuel, who would go on to become chief of staff to President Barack Obama and, after that, mayor of Chicago.

But Avenatti says that he has not spoken to Rahm Emanuel in many years and has not worked in politics for two decades.

The Circus airs on Showtime at 8 p.m Eastern and Pacific Time on Sunday, April 22.

Photo via Showtime’s The Circus screen capture