Steven St. Croix Asks: What Are You Doing to Oppose Measure B?

LOS ANGELES—Veteran actor Steven St. Croix has used his website to put out a call to "ALL adult video companies, their social media directors, producers, directors, talent, crew, assorted executive and management people and THE FANS of adult films to Tweet, ReTweet, post on their blogs or websites, link to or embed" St. Croix's two NoToMeasureB public service announcements (here and here) for two hours tomorrow, October 16, between 12 noon PST and 2PM PST.

"With the vote less than a month away, we need to continue getting our voices heard," St. Croix wrote on his website. "Ironically, AHF only ran 5 days worth of TV ads that went largely unnoticed. While AHF has wasted $2.5 million misleading the public about their agenda on Measure B, those funds could have been used for the treatment of hundreds or thousands of people in need of care for STI and HIV infections. Let’s not forget their outreach excludes many Latino and African-American voters residing in less well-to-do communities in L.A County. They have purposely used misleading and suggestive language to sway the voter towards their agenda."

In his post, St. Croix urges adult performers to use their smartphones and camera-enabled tablets to record brief video messages to fans and others opposing Measure B, and suggests that adult stars doing live cam shows end their performances with, “If you like what you just saw, then support my right to keep doing what I do best and vote No to Measure B.”

"It’s important we don’t lose sight of the goal," he emphasizes. "As I wrote before, they are counting on you to forget and get caught up in your day-to-day life so that you lose focus.

"Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Make your voice heard LOUDLY! Ask for your fans support! This vote can be the difference between your life NOW or financial hardship two months from now.

"Don’t talk about it, BE ABOUT IT! Use every means possible to beat this measure!!"


UPDATE: Also noteworthy is a post today on which forms part of their "So You Think You Can Blog" contest, which is now down to six finalists—and one of those six blog posts is titled, "What Porn Can Teach Us About Safer Sex," by Amy Lieberman, which begins, "Shame and misinformation surrounding sex are unfortunate when they prevent people from following their desires or experiencing pleasure. But it’s just plain dangerous when they put people’s health at risk. And that’s exactly what might happen this November in LA County."

The entry goes on to note that, "as Nina Hartley and others in the industry have pointed out, having sex in your private life isn’t the same thing as having sex in porn. In a porn shoot, the actors are often having sex for hours at a time. Over time, the friction from latex can actually cause vaginal and/or anal abrasions, which make it more likely for STIs to spread. So even though we think of them as the ultimate in safer sex, condoms in porn have the potential to do more harm than good." [Emphasis in original here and below]

"My biggest concern here is that people will vote blindly on Measure B based on their biases instead of facts," Lieberman concludes. "There’s a very unfortunate culture of shame surrounding porn, which makes it likely that people will vote on gut reaction and support Measure B, rather than taking the time to explore all the nuances of the situation. Although there are certainly several good arguments for Measure B, what sways me most is that the main opposition to the initiative is coming from people who are actually in the porn industry. Most feminists would agree that we need to trust women to know what’s best for their own bodies. I think the same principle applies to performers in adult film. Who better to advise a vote on this initiative than the people whose bodies will be directly affected by its outcome?"

Congrats to Amy Lieberman for getting to the root of the problem that may drive the adult industry out of Los Angeles, thereby costing the county 10,000 jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenues!