Star of ‘Puppy Eyes’ Accused of Killing Three-Legged Dog

BOCA RATON, Fla.—In a disturbing “dog bites man, man kills dog” story, gay porn performer Jason Creed has been arrested by Palm Beach County police and charged with animal cruelty for allegedly killing his own three-legged dog, Moonshine.

Creed was arrested Oct. 7 after taking the deceased Moonshine to an animal clinic and asking to have him cremated. A subsequent examination by the clinic showed the animal had suffered blunt force trauma and that death had been caused by some sort of suffocation, possibly by choking.

One of the stars of last year’s Puppy Eyes, by Xtreme Productions, Creed (his stage name) was supposed to appear in court for a bond hearing today, but refused to attend, according to the Palm Beach Post News. An assistant state attorney for the County, Mary Ann Duggan, asked that bail be set at $250,000.

The paper reports that County Circuit Judge Ted S. Booras, rather than reschedule the bond hearing, ordered Thompson to be held without bond and set another hearing for Saturday.

“There's an extreme violence issue where the next step could be taken on the neighbor. There's a clear pattern of violence,” Duggan told the court.

While the details of what exactly happened the morning of Oct. 7 remain unclear, the manner of Moonshine’s death is decidedly disturbing, and strongly indicates foul play.

“A necropsy showed that the dog suffered severe blunt force trauma prior to death, and that the cause of death is believed to be asphyxiation due to aspiration of food,” reported the paper.

Creed’s roommate had retuned from work the morning of Oct. 7 to find the dog dead on the apartment floor. According to the Post, “Thompson said the dog tried to bite him, but never explained how he died. A friend of Thompson's called Palm Beach County Animal Control that same day and said he believed Thompson had killed his pet. He said Thompson had called asking for money to pay for the cremation.”

It wasn’t the first time suspicious activity related to the dog had transpired. Animal control investigators had gone the apartment twice since February after receiving complaints that the puppy was yelping in pain. The dog was unhurt and did not appear to be frightened, however, so only a warning was issued.

But there were other troubling reports. According to the Post, “Witnesses told investigators that Thompson hit the dog on several occasions. A roommate said that he and Thompson acquired the dog, named Moonshine, in February. In interviews with investigators, Thomson stated that his actions were attempts to teach the dog discipline.”

It now appears as if the star of Puppy Eyes will himself receive some stern disciplining, courtesy of the Palm Beach County legal system.