Stacie Halas on Paid Leave Until October Hearing

OXNARD, Calif.—Stacie Halas, the 32-year-old former adult performer who became a science teacher at the Richard B. Haydock Intermediate School in Oxnard before being fired over her past vocation, is sitting pretty as she awaits a hearing that will decide her fate. The Ventura County Star reported last month that Halas remains on paid administrative leave since being terminated by the Oxnard Elementary School District April 18, and that she has retained two attorneys, Rich Schwab, whom most people probably have never heard of, and Gloria Allred, whose reputation extends beyond the solar system.

If Halas, who performed under the name Tiffany Six in 2005, has a smile on her face as she awaits her Oct. 22 hearing before a quasi-judicial tribunal called the Office of Administrative Hearing, she has good reason. When she was fired in April, the reason given by the district superintendent, Jeff Chancer, was, "If she were to return to the school district, it would be a disruption." One can only imagine the ease with which Allred will dispense with that argument when her client gets her day in court.

Calling Halas' work as a teacher "exemplary," the lawyer told the Star, "The mere fact the district objects to her former line of work does not render her unfit to teach. Even a conviction, which she does not have, for certain offenses does not qualify her unfit to teach."

However, the school district is also accusing Halas of lying. "In accusation documents filed with the Office of Administrative Hearing," the Star reported, "the school district says Halas lied about her connection to pornography and about the reason she resigned from a neighboring district. In the days after the discovery of the pornographic movies, district officials said students talked about and watched the movies on campus, and a classroom where Halas once taught was vandalized."

Our guess is Allred will make short work of those allegations, as well, and either get Halas her job back or get her a fat check for having the nerve to want to improve the lives of her students.