Sirkin and Kinsley Open New Law Firm

CINCINNATI—As of Oct. 30, prominent First Amendment attorneys H. Louis Sirkin and Jennifer Kinsley, together with long-time associate Scott Ryan Nazzarine, will be forming their own law firm, Sirkin, Kinsley & Nazzarine.

According to the announcement sent out by the partners, the new firm will practice mainly in the areas of First Amendment law, civil rights, criminal defense and appeals, habeas corpus and post-conviction proceedings, property and administrative law, and constitutional litigation.

The address for the new firm is 810 Sycamore St., Second Floor, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202. Their new phone number will be 513-721-4876, and fax, 513-338-1992.

Sirkin may be emailed at [email protected]; Kinsley at [email protected], and Nazzarine at [email protected] The firm will also have a website.

AVN wishes the partners good luck with their new venture!